Van der Hagen Shave Soap

Van der Hagen shave soap is made by a company called—get this—van der Hagen Enterprises. This soap company was started by a man from Holland named Bernardus van der Hagen, who immigrated to the USA back in 1905. A Van der Hagen shave soap bar is 2.5 ounces and can come in three scents: (1) select, (2) deluxe, and (3) glycerin. You can also opt for larger 5.0-ounce green (mens) or pink (womens) "dual-action" soaps, which are used for both bathing and shaving, but I'm not really too interested in those.

If you buy the van der Hagen shave soap on, it comes only in 12-packs. All 12 bars will be of the same variety, which is fine if you really like a particular variety. However, in my area, I am able to buy single bars of the deluxe style at CVS or Walgreens for around $2.50. I was also able to find it in the shaving section at Wal-Mart for less than $2 per bar. Incidentally, at CVS, I can sometimes find the Van Der Hagen Premium Shave Set for less than $7.00.

One thing I like about van der Hagen shave soap, each one comes in a little recloseable plastic container that is actually perfect for holding the soap while loading the brush. I didn't know this at first and discarded the container immediately. I thought it was just a plastic wrapper. So, if you're the sort that likes to develop the lather in a separate lather bowl, you don't even have to have a another container for the soap, which is great. On the other hand, if you like to put your soap in the bowl or mug that you build lather in, you certainly can remove the soap and put it in whatever you want.

Van der Hagen Deluxe Shave Soap

So far, this is the only van der Hagen shave soap I have tried. The van der Hagen deluxe shave soap easily builds a beautifully thick creamy lather. And, it feels good on the face. Shaves nicely. I love it except that it seems to react with the skin on my cheeks, turning them red and making them burn slightly for about 2 days after each use. I was very disappointed to discover that the van der Hagen shave soap was the cause of the rash, which took me a few weeks to figure out. I really liked the soap. I definitely intend to try out the other van der Hagen shave soaps when I get the chance.

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